About Funerals Malaysia

About Us

Funerals Malaysia 為您提供全方位及高品質的一站式殯儀服務。

我們非常尊重各類宗教信仰、民族習慣和地區文化, 並了解相應的葬禮需求。


Why Us?


"人生是短促的,這句話應該促醒每一個人去進行一切他所想做的事。雖然勤勉不能保證一定成功,死亡可能摧折欣欣向榮的事業,但那些功業未遂的人,至少已有參加行伍的光榮,即使他未獲勝,卻也算戰鬥過。—— 約翰遜"


Peace of Mind

Funerals Malaysia truly understands our family needs for our father’s sudden passing. It will not be easy but at least we have peace knowing he had a proper burial. May he rest in peace.

Mrs. Jane Rajamogan

Pre-planning made easy

I would encourage people to do pre-planning. Funerals Malaysia was effective in meeting our requirements and budget during the pre-planning arrangements. All the details were worked out by them before we needed the service. They gave us wise advises on what to prepare. It was a peaceful journey!

Mr. Calvin Tan

Good guidance

I remember not knowing where to start when my family and I were in shocked. Mr. Wee was there to go through all the details and guide us on what needs to be done. He took the effort to understand our background before making suggestions. We are happy with your service.

Mr. Chua Teck Seng