Eulogy Sample

Eulogy Sample  Malaysia

Below is a eulogy sample written for a client in memory of his late father. To protect client privacy, we have altered the names mentioned.

Eulogy Sample 1:

It’s never easy to farewell a loved one. No matter how many wonderful years you've shared, there could always be more. And it’s too easy, at a time like this, to be dragged into our own sadness that is the loss of someone dear whom we loved. Today, we’re here to offer a loving goodbye to my father, John. But I also have a request on his behalf. He made it clear that when this time came, he wanted us all to remember the many happy memories we have of him. And that’s what I’ll endeavour to do.


Of course, that’s not to say we won’t acknowledge the sadness we all share today at his passing. We have grieved and will continue to do so. Everyone has shown a kindness and love that has helped our family immensely this past week. Thank you all for that. So I ask that today is a celebration of life.


As many of you know, my father’s wonderful journey started in 1950 when he became the third son to Linda and Michael. At school he excelled at illustration and become a draughtsman’s apprentice shortly after. When he was 19, he met my future mother, Jenny. They married one year later. Two months after that they became pregnant with me, and then a year later with my brother, Daniel. Dad worked from home while my brother and I were growing up, which was a wonderful gift. To have both parents around when we needed them was something we'll always be very grateful of.


Over the years our family grew. I now have two beautiful children, as does Daniel, who all love their granddad ‘to the moon’, as they used to say when they were small. We have all laughed often and loved deeply. But we’ve also had our share of sadness. More recently, we have had to say goodbye to both of my father’s parents as age and illness took their health. And then, the following year, my father became ill. For two years he fought well and drew strength from a loving family and caring friends. Today marks the sad day that that battle was lost.


But today, as I said earlier, my father didn’t want a mournful day where friends and family gathered in sadness. He wanted a celebration of the glorious life he lived with loving family and caring friends. He wanted us to talk and remember the man we knew. He asked that we laugh again at the bad jokes he made, and smile while reflecting on the times we sat around until late in the evening enjoying good wine with good company. With that in mind, I hope each one of us can find the strength to share a warm or funny story about my Father. Perhaps one that will bring a smile to those around, or even force a ‘laugh out loud’.


The father I knew — that man we all knew — loved to laugh and never have a bad word to say about anyone. Oh, that is except Auntie Jackie... just kidding Auntie Jackie, he always made fun of you to your face over dinner!!! And so with this in mind, I’ll finish with his favourite line my brother and I had to grow up with. As growing boys, when it was dad’s turn to cook, we inevitably asked when dinner would be ready, and he always had that one quick answer… ‘If you don’t smell smoke, it’s not ready’.


Below is a eulogy sample written for a client in memory of her sister who suffered a sudden death due to a car accident. To protect client privacy, we have altered the names mentioned.

Eulogy Sample 2:

I’ve been asked to speak before you all today, and if I’m completely honest, I’m not exactly sure what to say. I haven’t yet figured out how to use words to describe Michelle Lim, because she was, in my eyes, indescribable. It was tragic, the way she left us, but I know that she would rather us all be smiling today as we look back on her life, than crying over something we cannot change. Luckily for us all, she left us with more memories of her smiling face than a frown, more memories of her laugh than her tears. Michelle left memories for us all to reflect upon, but more than that, she left an impression on all of our hearts.


Michelle was a daughter, then a big sister, later a wife, then proudly a mother. She was a caretaker and a nurturer, she was a protector and a refuge, a teacher and a best friend. Though she upheld each of these titles with much dignity and grace, what stands out most in my mind was her uncanny ability to give the best advice. No matter whether she had lived through the troubles you were experiencing, or simply listened to you ramble on over the telephone for hours on end, she always knew exactly what to say, and exactly when to say it. I was close to her, as well as her parents, and I know she was taught this ability by her mother. She was always reminded to be slow to speak, and it did her well throughout her life. I know that I can recall many times that she was the only person I had to turn to, and even when I didn’t know the answer myself, she always had something to say to me.


Michelle loved her family more than anything else in her life. Her family and friends were her biggest supporters, and she was their biggest fan. She would do anything for her loved ones, and I know that if she could see you all sitting here today, she would feel more than blessed to know how much love she was surrounded by. There isn’t anything that I could say to any of you to make the pain go away. I’m not like Michelle. I don’t have her way with words. However, I can remind you that she will forever be in our hearts and we will forever hold those precious memories. Speaking of memories, I would have to say that my favorite memory of Michelle was her wedding. She looked beautiful that day, her smile never left her face, and she was happier than I had ever seen her before. Then, her little cake fight led to cake going up her knows. We laughed about that incident for a long time afterwards. It is memories like that which we should be hanging on to.


As I said when I began, I don’t know what to say. I was hoping that the words would begin to come to me as I started reminiscing with you all today, but they haven’t. My only explanation for this is that there just aren’t words. There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe how much Michelle meant to me, and I know she meant just as much to all of you. I just ask all of you to stop for a few moments today, and think back to one joyful memory with Michelle. Then, when you begin to find yourself growing sad again, think of that happy time. I know in my heart that this is what Michelle would ask you to do if she were here, it would be her wish. So, I know that none of this feels like much of a celebration, but that’s what it really is. We are celebrating the life of Michelle Lim, the woman that can only be described as indescribable. 


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