Exhumation / Grave Relocation

Exhumation / Grave Relocation Malaysia

Exhumation, also known as grave relocation is the process of relocating the buried remains of our ancestors in respectful manner to a new burial site. This is regarded as an act of filial piety. According to Chinese beliefs, a proper relocation brings good luck and fortune to the family.


What are the main reasons for doing so?

  • Better environment with superior Feng Shui will benefit the family and descendants

  • Old burial site is now in an appalling condition, possibly due to floods, pest infestation such as white ants and lack of regular maintenance

  • Danger in visiting as there may be drug addicts or crime, given that old cemeteries have no 24-hour security

  • Convenience for the family to visit and pay their respects


What are the procedures involved?

  1. Select an auspicious date and time after consulting with a Feng Shui master

  2. Get in touch with us and we will arrange for a grave relocation expert to be present, along with the family members and Feng Shui master at the burial site

  3. Prayers and a worship ritual are conducted

  4. Exhumation of the remains

  5. Remains are placed in an urn or a casket

  6. Remains are transferred into the new burial plot or columbarium

  7. New tombstone construction (if burial is preferred)


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