Funeral Poems

Funeral Poems Malaysia

Poems often add an elegant touch to a eulogy.


Here’s some of our work: 


  • Poem #1:

    Goodbye my beloved pet

    I will see you again yet

    For now you frolic in the tall grass

    I'll let you pass and see you soon

    Under a full harvest moon


    Many years we shared together

    In bright sun and stormy weather

    But now I must go on alone

    And treasure forever when you were my own


    The beauty of your face

    And the kindness of your grace

    Will push me forward

    Toward a new start

    But you will always 

    Have a place in my heart.


  • Poem #2:

    Goodnight my dear companion

    We had such days together

    Sunshine hours and rainy days

    And temperate inside weather


    You were a friend in sorrow

    We shared such happiness

    You had to leave before me

    But still – I was so blessed

    So very glad to know you;

    You brought me love and light


    But now, my sweet companion

    It’s time to say goodnight

    Sleep well, my friend – you were the best

    Our day is done; it’s time to rest.


  • Poem #3:

    The reason that we mourn is not because we want the pain

    But to reflect on their time on earth, and all that we have gained

    If it saddens us to see them go, we’ll know they’ve had their worth

    Touching all our hearts in many ways before they left the earth.


    We should laugh together, reminiscing all the times we shared

    If somebody cries, we’ll smile knowing that somebody cared

    Embracing each other in our arms, ensuring all is well

    Minds at ease as we remember, from the stories that we tell


    Funerals may seem upsetting, but perspective can be changed

    Celebrating whom we loved can leave our vision rearranged

    Though they may have left, they’ll stay with us in spirit every day

    Holding them with us for guidance, knowing they will pave the way


Contact us should you require any assistance with writing a farewell poem for a friend, family member, or even a beloved pet.