Funeral Planning Checklist

Funeral Planning Checklist Malaysia

Obtain death certificate

Surrender NRIC

Choose between burial or cremation

Decide on a casket or ash container

Decide on the venue of the funeral service

Decide on a photograph for display

Obituary (if the family requires one to be placed)

Number of days the family wants to have the funeral wake/ceremony

Address of the wake service or ceremony

Deceased’s clothing

Choose the preferred minister to conduct the funeral

Select music, hymns and solos

Select scripture or literature to be read

Decide on the deceased’s personal belongings such as glasses, dentures, Bible etc. to be placed in the casket

Floral arrangements

Decide on a caterer (if required)

Select a suitable funeral package

Decide on a suitable burial plots orcolumbarium according to location preferences

Write a eulogy and the content for sharing during the wake


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