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What is “Zhong Sheng Ji”?

Zhong Sheng Ji is a branch of Yin dwelling Feng Shui, which literally refers to the residence of the deceased or grave. Yin Feng Shui is the opposite of Yang Feng Shui which deals with the residence of the living.

Fundamentally, Zhong Sheng Ji is a Feng Shui technique that is popular among Taoist believers in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Mainland China, Singapore and Malaysia.


In Mandarin,

Zhong = To plant / cultivate

Sheng = Living

Ji = Roots / Base / Foundation

From a Feng Shui perspective, putting these three words together would mean “Planting or cultivating a living foundation for your destiny”.  


What are the benefits that I can get from “Zhong Sheng Ji”?

We have summarised 6 key benefits from some of our clients so far:

  • Improved the course of their destinies

  • Fortune and wealth (better career prospects, business opportunities etc.)

  • Good health and longevity

  • Better luck (favourable circumstances such as marriage, pregnancy etc.)

  • Endless vigour and positive energy (greater mental and physical stamina)

  • Earn merits through charity


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What are the Feng Shui criteria or requirements that need to be met?

5 elements to keep in mind when selecting a good Yin dwelling:

The “dragon” (龍)

Having a location with a majestic dragon symbolises vitality as the dragon is believed to breathe cosmic life into the land, which will greatly benefit you in various aspects of your life. In Chinese culture, the dragon is often associated with power, dignity, strength and prosperity.


The tomb “foundation” (穴)

From a Feng Shui perspective, identifying the foundation can be rather challenging.


Sha” (砂) is a symbol of the site surroundings


Water” (水) represents life and longevity and usually refers to the streams or rivers passing through the site selected.


Direction (向) refers to the pathway or orientation.



What are the procedures involved in Zhong Sheng Ji?

1) Choose an excellent Feng Shui location

This is usually based on the advice by a Feng Shui master or expert. Should you choose to work with us, we can either recommend one or you can work with your personal Feng Shui advisor. It’s entirely up to you.


2) Prepare the following:

Full name, date and time of birth (in accordance with the Chinese calendar)


As discussed with your Feng Shui master, you would also need either one or a combination of the following:

  • Strand of your own hair

  • Finger nails or toe nail clippings

  • Articles of clothing (including socks or shoes)

  • Personal jewellery such as jade, previous stones, etc.


3) Set an auspicious date and time

Again, this would be a decision that you will have to make with the Feng Shui master.

On the selected day, a private ceremony will be held to Zhong Sheng Ji.

Your personal belongings will be placed in a special container and will be buried in the live grave created just for you.


4) Prayers

This is optional. Some may choose to conduct prayers for 49 days consecutively for full benefits.



What is the logic behind this technique?

Originally from the Jiang Xi province in South Eastern China, the principles of Zhong Sheng Ji involve the creation of a false tomb for a living person so that he/she may harness the good “Qi” from the universe during his or her lifetime. Utilizing the natural surroundings and forces of nature, a live grave with good Feng Shui is said to benefit the recipient by remedying the imperfections of your life line or course of destiny. By burying a part of your body or belongings in the ground, you will be absorbing good elements from the land, as well as all the goodness and abundance around it.



Is there anything that I should be aware of after the procedures of Zhong Sheng Ji?


It is generally advised that this has to be kept a secret or it may be ineffective

Philanthropy and good deeds

Clients are encouraged to do good deeds to earn merits.



Is Zhong Sheng Ji suitable for me?

This will depend on an assessment of your lifeline, Chinese Bazi readings, Chinese horoscope signs etc.

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