Family Burial Plots

Family Burial Plots Malaysia

There is nothing better than having the entire family together in one idyllic final resting place.

No one knows the future so planning ahead will ensure that you and your loved ones will all be taken care of.



  • Strengthen family ties and creation of a family legacy

    Imagine having your future generations visiting their ancestors all in one place (especially during Ching Ming Festival or tomb sweeping day)


  • Convenience

    Imagine the ease of having all funeral rites and arrangements in one location


  • Great investment

    Lock in today’s prices to protect yourself against inflation


  • Greater peace of mind

    With a more generous allocation of space, not only can the buried and cremated remains of family members be placed together, Taoists, Buddhists and believers of Feng Shui techniques such as Zhong Sheng Ji can opt to have this added service to enhance longevity, have better fortune and luck, as well as promote overall health and wellbeing.


So put your mind at ease and secure a family burial plot with us today!

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