Funeral Pre Planning

Funeral Pre Planning Malaysia

Do you happen to know what planning a funeral involves and how much it would cost approximately? Do you know what options are available in Malaysia and how much hassle you can save yourself and your family just by making a simple decision today?


Yes, this may seem like an uncomfortable subject but we strongly encourage you to have a think about it. Some people think that if they start planning for a funeral, something bad will happen soon. This is merely a superstition.


Unlike the past, many adults today are finding it easier to talk about their funeral plans and what they would want for themselves. Some may still struggle or feel a little uneasy, but has been proven from our client testimonials that pre planning a funeral gives them the greatest relief and comfort, knowing very well that their children or grandchildren will not have any worries should they depart in future.


Why funeral pre planning (also known as advance funeral planning)?

  • Save your family from financial burdens and emotional stress during a time of grief

  • Avoid possible family conflict about what to do

  • Lock in prices today to secure a place of your liking when you get to make that decision for yourself

  • Scarcity of land and inflation will only result in increased burial plot and columbarium prices

  • Every detail can be arranged according to your wishes such as location and Feng Shui requirements (if any)

  • Take advantage of our various promotions and instalment plans


Regardless of how much or how little you choose to plan, speak to your spouse or family members about them. Your plans mean nothing if no one knows about them and when youare no longer around to execute them.


Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to be buried or cremated? If so, where would that be?

  • If I choose cremation, do I want my ashes placed in a columbarium or be scattered?

  • Would I like to donate my organs

  • What type of funeral service would I want?

  • Is there a specific type of casket that I would prefer?

  • How do I want to be remembered by family and friends?


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