Hindu Funeral

Hindu Funeral Malaysia

Hindus believe in reincarnation – that is, the physical body dies but the soul continues to live on and is reborn into another life.

Like Buddhists, Hindus share the concepts of Dharma, Karma and Samsara. They deem to do good because they will be rewarded by being born into a better life in their next birth. On the contrary, if you do evil deeds, you will be reborn into an unpleasant life, or perhaps as an animal. Of course, the ultimate goal is for the soul to merge with the Supreme in order to achieve Moksha (or liberation). 

Cremation is the preferred option as Hindus believe that this will allow the soul of the deceased to escape from the body, thus allowing reincarnation to take place. In fact, Hinduism is unique because it mandates cremation, known as antim sanskar (last rite) or antiesthi (last sacrifice), Conducted by a Hindu priest, all funeral prayers and rites are performed with the aim of facilitating a smooth transition of the deceased’s soul to another realm. The eldest son or male member of the family will also preside over the service. It is believed that a person who suffers from a tragic or sudden death will require more prayers to calm his or her soul.

When the soul departs from the body, it will meet with Yama, the god of death who will decide a person’s fate before their souls can be reborn. 


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