Ancestral Tablet

Ancestral Tablet Malaysia

Ancestral tablets, or spirit tablets are common among Taoists households and is part of ancestral worship.

It is usually made from a piece of wood, carved with the name of the ancestor or deity (“God”) that is being honoured. Chinese households that practice Taoism in Malaysia usually place them at altars where joss sticks, fruit, or cakes may be offered as an act of worship.

At Funerals Malaysia, we offer beautiful ancestral tablets made from the finest imported materials which are then placed at magnificent memorial halls. Filial piety is a highly regarded virtue in Chinese culture and it is believed that honouring your ancestors will allow them to continue blessing you and your family after they have departed.


What is the difference between placing an ancestral tablet in the memorial hall and my own home?

  • Excellent Feng Shui at our memorial parks

  • Constant chanting and prayers are being offered to your ancestors all year round, providing them with the utmost peace and tranquillity

  • Dedicated monks will chant mantras on the 1st and 15th day of each month of the lunar calendar

  • 24-hour security service

  • Proper maintenance at all times

  • Annual enlightenment ceremonies held each year at our memorial halls to offer liberation to departed souls

  • Greater comfort to you and your family knowing that your ancestors are remembered and looked after


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