Scattering of Ashes

Scattering of Ashes Malaysia

After cremation, the remains are collected by our service team and will be handed to the family.


There are a few common options for scattering of ashes:

1) Sea Scattering

This is done by family members taking a boat or ship out into the sea.

2) Land Scattering

Usually the deceased’s favourite place or somewhere serene with beautiful scenery

3) Aerial Scattering

In recent years, this has become popular overseas for honouring a loved one by scattering their ashes from a chartered pilot and plane.


For those you have decided to scatter the ashes instead of placing it in a columbarium or bury it in a cemetery, there are a few practical things to keep in mind while handling this delicate task:

1) You might find some bones

Prepare to see some bone fragments amongst the ashes. Please do not expect to find a box of dust so be prepared and know what you will be dealing with. Get a family member who can keep calm and will not be traumatised by the experience of seeing their loved one reduced to bones and ashes. Gloves are highly recommended.

2) Should you release all the ashes?

Well, that depends. If you have another family member who may want to keep some, then do not scatter all of them at once.

3) Know the wind direction

Ashes tend to stick to your skin and having them all over your face and body isn’t a pleasant experience, especially when the ashes get blown towards you while you’re on a boat out at sea. More importantly, it will seem disrespectful to the deceased should you start wiping the ashes over your jeans.

4) Flowers

If you decide to scatter ashes into water, placing some fresh flowers on top of the scattered remains while they float along the water will add an elegant touch to the ceremony. Take some pictures of the ashes and flowers floating together so that family and friends who were not present at the scattering site can also share that personal experience. 


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