Columbarium Malaysia

The cremated remains (‘cremains’) of the deceased can be placed permanently in a columbarium, which is essentially a beautiful room or standing structure, located in a cemetery or memorial park. Within these structures are columbarium niches, which are individual urn compartments that contain cremation ashes.


Why should I choose to purchase a columbarium instead of scattering the ashes away?

1) Place of remembrance

Your generations to come will have a place to visit you and this also helps the living to heal and cope with their loss of a loved one.

For all our columbarium niches, you may include photographs and mementos such as jewellery previously worn by the deceased. You may even choose to decorate the urn compartment with miniature furniture or electronic gadgets (should you wish to do so).


2) Prayers

If you are a Buddhist, you can choose to place the ashes close to the Buddha and Guan Yin statues where chanting will take place all year long in the memorial halls so that souls may find peace 


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