Christian Funeral

Christian Funeral Malaysia

Christians believe in eternal life and direct much of their lives to attain salvation. 

This is done through faith in Jesus Christ by having an intimate and personal relationship with God. Conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary, Jesus was crucified on the cross so that human beings who were sinners could be reconciled to God. He resurrected from the dead and ascended into Heaven, of which He will return to judge both the living and the dead.


Funerals Malaysia caters to all denominations in Christianity – Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Anglican, Lutheran, Charismatic, Adventist, Pentecostal etc. which generally adheres to the common principles and share similar funeral rituals (albeit their slight differences in emphasis and interpretations of the Bible). The funeral service, however, may vary slightly according to the deceased’s respective denomination.


Nonetheless, the common purpose is to pray for the soul of the deceased and of course, to comfort the living through God’s ability to provide strength for coping with the sorrow.


What to expect in a typical Christian funeral service?

  • Opening Statement led by the Pastor or Minister

  • Prayers uttered to wish for the soul of the deceased to find resting peace and life hereafter. Guests are invited to remember their relationship with the deceased, as well as to reflect upon their personal relationship with God.

  • Songs and hymns sung throughout the service

  • Scripture readings

  • Eulogy or a speech of remembrance is commonly given by a family member and/or a close friend to honour the life of the deceased

  • Farewell and commendation (also known as the benediction). These are the closing words by the Pastor or Minister, which are usually followed by guests paying their last respects to the deceased surrounding the casket.

  • Procession to the cemetery or crematorium

  • The committal


Possibly the most solemn part of the service, this is when the coffin is lowered into the ground and where last goodbyes are said. Depending on the family of the deceased, sometimes a brief graveside service is held.

For cremations, the curtains are closed around the coffin.


As stated in the Book of Common Prayer, we therefore commit (his or her) body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in the sure and certain hope of the Resurrection to eternal life.


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