Baby Funeral / Child Funeral

Baby Funeral / Child Funeral Malaysia

Miscarriage. Abortion. Premature death. Incurable disease. Misfortune. Ill-fate.

The past is the past and we are here to help you overcome your grief over the loss of a beloved child.

For couple or single parents whose children are no longer with them, it is common to carry a spiritual and emotional baggage, which weighs heavily in their hearts and minds.


What can I do for them to ease my sense of guilt? What is the best solution? 

We have worked with clients in a similar scenario as yourselves so we will recommend a product or service that suits you best.


For Buddhists, abortion is prohibited as it is believed that the unborn child may be denied reincarnation. With that said, their spirits loom and wander around the Earth.

As a result, parents may suffer from any of the following:

  • Poor health

  • Career obstacles

  • Constant worrying and regrets

  • Depression

  • Unhappiness


What can we offer for your departed child?

These ceremonies are usually performed quarterly by highly respected monks, specially invited from monasteries overseas. The purpose is to pray for the wandering souls to release them from suffering.


How does this benefit our clients?

  • Total peace of mind

  • Greater happiness

  • Fewer obstacles in life

  • Repayment of Karmic debt, knowing that their child’s souls are at peace


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