Burial Plots

Burial Plots Malaysia

Types of burial plots in Malaysia:

  •  Single Plot

Commonly found in most cemeteries and memorial parks in Malaysia, single plots are meant for one casket.


  •  Double Plot

Also known as companion plots, these are popular for couples where they can be buried side by side. This is a popular option, along with our funeral packages as land is scarce.


Dedicated to the entire family, the family plot is an area of land with a single large headstone engraved with the family name, ancestry, as well as the names of all family members laid to rest there. Of course, each individual will also have his or her headstone marking the individual graves.

Alternatively, families may also choose to purchase a row of single and double plots so that visiting family members and come together to offer their respects.


  •  Plots for Cremated Remains

Besides placing the cremated remains in a columbarium, there is also an option for burying the urn in a burial plot alongside other family members.


Burial Plot Prices

How much do burial plots costs? This largely depends on:

  • Location

  • Type of burial plot

  • Number of plots purchased

  • Feng Shui (for Taoists and some Buddhists)


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